Five Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

I found this blog Five Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs recently.  It was written in 2011, so i’m a bit late to reading it, but somehow it strikes me as pertinent.  The Five Daily Habits are:

  1. Plan tomorrow’s agenda today
  2. Put your meetings on a diet
  3. Find a way to manage email that works for you
  4. Never stop selling
  5. Exercise regularly

Many writers have identified the habits of success.  Steven Covey‘s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is perhaps the best known.  I was first introduced to this idea of daily habits or disciplines as a teenager reading something like Mere Christianity by CS Lewis or Discipline by Deitrich Bonhoeffer.

I wasn’t very good at the daily disciplines and habits back then, and I’m still not geared that way.  Yet, I find the rhythms/habits/disciplines useful in my business.  We have billing.  We have sales practices.  We have a million other things that go by a rhythm.  It’s helpful in that it keeps things going, but it’s also easy for the business to get in a rut.

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