Thoughts on Blogging

So, this is my second blog post.  Over the last few days, I’ve been looking around at a number of other bloggers.  Some of my favorite bloggers are Johnson Cook (, David Cummings (, and Matt Candler (  I’m just starting this process.

Despite the last blog topic coming from an American Express article, I appreciated the conversation about discipline and habits.  In business it’s easy to get off track.  There is an urgent need that crops up.  A long term employee wants to quit.  An employee needs to be fired.  The Internet connection goes down, and yes, I’m the only one around who won’t freak out if the settings need to be changed.  There’s an vehicle accident. The email pops up.  Someone wants to chat.

The business leaders that I know and respect often have the ability to be very disciplined with their work; they get things done; and yet, they seem to have a lot of flexibility in their day for what comes up and the people that come up in their lives.

I think that is the first thing to strive for in this blog: discipline.  Make it a habit and explore the topics that will make this something interesting and useful.  I don’t if daily is going to work or not, but it’s got to be a regular occurrence.  I’ll figure out the what as I write.  Hope there are some interesting comments that come up.

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