I’ve been thinking a bit about topics for this blog. David Cummings writes a great blog about technology startups. It’s at times analytical and promotional, always thoughtful and insightful. But, while I tend to analyze business, my experience is in healthcare and in person centered businesses. Johnson Cook’s blog is full of energy. It reflects Johnson’s personality perfectly.

I think I can contribute some thoughts to the small business owners. I’m sure that I will focus more over time, but this where I will start. The immediate areas that come to mind include:

    Sales and Marketing
    Value Creation
    Faith and Theology
    Staying Strong

My hope is to explore these issues as I’m dealing with them. We’ve developed some useful tools and, truth be told “stolen” some ideas which I plan on sharing.

I plan on looking at faith and work as well. Many moons ago, I attended Princeton Theological Seminary. It’s an interesting juggle to balance the diversity of beliefs and thought found in today’s workplace and Christian faith. I’ll attempt a balanced discussion.

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